African healing

Dr Rashim spells can be used to solve a wide range of life's problems. Dr Rashim can help with love issues, financial situation, health issues, protection against enemies, curse removal, getting a job, get back with an ex, marriage problems.

As a traditionally healer I use my divination abilities to communicate with the ancestral spirits on your particular problem, they provide guidance on how to deal with your particular problem with herbs, spells, rituals or appeasements.

African Life healing

Motivated by a genuine desire & calling to help other people to overcome the myriad of problems they face in life. Helping thousands of people find balance, prosperity and realignment with the ancestors

Dr Rashim was called by the ancestors to be a sangoma healer at an early age. Dr Rashim has spent the majority of her life as a sangoma healer & spiritual psychic.


African Ancestral appeasement

The ancestors are a vital force & energy in our day to day lives & it is critical to ensure that your ancestral lineage is appeased breaking any negative energy blocks that reinforced evil in your life & spiritual cords that tied you down

Dr Rashim can be consulted for issues of health, love, advice, guidance, money, lost love, crime investigation, dream interpretation, curse removal or , spells casting, ancestral divination & business or financial problems.

African Ancestral healing

Ancestral healing will help in solving problems related to karma, spiritual dissonance & ancestral anger that can have disastrous effects on your finances, family, relationships, business, health, work, love, marriage & finding your destiny in life.

If the ancestral spirits of your clan are angry with your clan and you in particular you will face insurmountable obstacles to your pathway towards success in many areas of your life. Reconcile with the ancestral spirits and atone for the wrongs done by you or your family & find the doors of success opened & receive healing & liberation from that which prevents you from achieving success