LOVE SPELL for strengthening love and relationships.

PROTECTION SPELL for protecting you against evil spirits and un fore seen problems Black MAGIC SPELL,

Mainly for doing Magic, if you have a dream of being a magician.


for protecting you against diseases plus curing body pains.

ADDICTION SPELL for protecting you against addiction habits e.g. Smoking, drugs.

SNAKE BRACELET, Used for protecting you against revenge and also helps you to revenge with

Spiritual power to only those who have done wrong to you. 

BUSINESS AND CAREER SPELL. For boosting and protecting your career and business position.

PROMOTION SPELL. For helping you to be promoted in everything you doing

IMPROVING SPELL. For rising spiritual energy in everything you do to succeed e.g. Business, Education, Work.

GAMBLING LUCK SPELL, for giving you luck in gambling. ,

CELEBRITY SPELL for boosting and maintaining a celebrity life status, mainly to get you on top of your Career.

MARKETING SPELL, This helps you to market yourself or any type of product you want to sale in minutes. HEALTH

ENERGY SPELL. For maintaining a good health and body shape, boosts body power plus protecting you from diseases.

MONEY SPELL BRACELET .For opening channels and ways of getting money e.g. Salary increase, Loan favors plus Money charm.

ATTRACTION SPELL for making you attractive and a favorite to everyone.

LOST LOVE SPELL BRACELET for bringing back lost love and broken relationships. For more information or consultation

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